Don't Play Like a Student, Practice Like a Player

              "Unique Technique Practicing" ~ Critical Path Training Since 1983
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      The Sakari Method

What's "Unique Technique
Practicing" ?

It's a process I developed over thirty
years ago that helps you discover
"your" individually unique
technique based on "your"
hand and finger anatomy as well
as "your" mindset and ability
to focus.

"The Sakari Method" is specifically
designed to bridge all these
elements together so you can
develop Pro-Level Technique and
then play like a Pro.

If you don't bridge the physical
elements of playing with your
creative spirit simultaneously,
it will never happen for you.

Classical Guitar Technique starts with getting yourself out of the frame of mind that you are a student and that your first job is to play music. 

If this is what you are attempting, you are on a path to years of frustration and mediocrity.

Your First Goal is to "think and train" how to practice as if you were an experienced player.

When you do, everything will fall into place and you'll take years off your learning curve.

The Sakari Method will show you "exactly" how to achieve success !


         The Classic Right Hand "X"