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The Sakari Method

K. Sakari Heikkila
and his unique online method solves the
technique problems of his students all over the world now numbering over 7,300.


OK, now that you've had a chance to test drive the basic right and left hand core principles behind technique...Now What ?

Playing Classical Guitar is very similar to playing chess.

But it's not enough to just know what the chess pieces are and how they move on the chessboard, you have to have a strategy in mind because everyone is very different in terms of one's emotional, physical, psychological as well as intellectual makeup and all of these elements can create obstacles to overcome.

The problem very few think about is how to spot the obstacles and how to overcome them when they're identified.

Almost universally, teachers and students, in their rush to "play" their favorite music, are putting music on their music stand almost immediately in the process of learning classical guitar.

And why not ?  It's a portable instrument that should be simple to play.

Right ?

And I know you love the guitar or you wouldn't even be reading this.

If you just want to strum a few chords, nothing more, than I'm not the guy for you but if you want to play music written for classical guitar you've come to the right place.

So how are you supposed to proceed if you're a beginner ?

What do you do if you've been playing a few years but you're getting nowhere fast and you've spent hundreds of hours practicing and hundreds or even thousands of dollars taking lessons ?

How do you manage to muster up that spark of excitement you had decades ago before your frustration level became too overwhelming and you quit ...but you want to try again ?

The answer is simple and the process is really easy but you have to be willing to try plus put a little time in on the instrument.  That doesn't sound too difficult, does it ?

Believe it or not, it all begins without the guitar because if you confront your brain with dozens of concepts and skills to manage right out of the gate, your brain WILL overload and shut down.

You don't learn to fly aiplanes by starting out on a jumbo jet, do you ?

Classical Guitar is ...different !

If you're ready to put yourself on a solid track, no matter what your level of play is, then join me on a slow motion journey into yourself and build ( or re-build ) your technique correctly, without skipping around with all sorts of complex exercises and music to confuse your brain.

There is only one way out of the myriad of myths and mysteries about playing classical guitar and when you proceed logically and allow your brain, mind, heart and soul to progress at the same rate as your hands and fingers, you'll achieve your dream and be able to really play the music of your dreams.

So don't put this off another minute.  Go to the next phase in your life where the next stop will be hearing yourself express your music from the soul without making mistake after mistake after mistake during your performance.

Even if it's just you playing for you !

Even if you're a beginner and you don't want to get caught up in what I call "The Five Great Lies".

I coined "The Five Great Lies about Learning Classical Guitar" years ago so if you're not familiar with them yet, then take my free course anyway, even if you have a Performance Degree on Classical Guitar.  You might be shocked to learn how much time you have wasted practicing the wrong things the wrong way all these years.

Let's get started together and I'll show you "exactly" how to achieve your dream.


    K. Sakari Heikkila

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The Sakari Method for Classical Guitar
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